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The Covert Comp provides a unique combination of low blast, recoil compensation and low light performance not found in other muzzle devices.

The unique linear compensator design directs blast downrange and away from the shooter.

It moderates felt recoil, allowing for faster follow up shots.

It provides low light performance nearly as good as the common A2 style muzzle device.

The Covert Comp is a great general purpose muzzle device and make shooting more enjoyable.

Made from Enhanced Chrome-Moly steel and through hardened for maximum strength and toughness.
Finished in Nitromet / Melonite QPQ for the ultimate in durability and corrosion protection.
Includes wrench flats for easy installation.
Compatible with the GEMTECH HALO suppressor.
Measures 1.950” in length and .8635” (22mm) diameter
Weighs only 2.2 oz, the same as the A2 flash hider
FLBS-1-762 and FLB-1-762 are designed for use with firearms chambered in 7.62mm / .308 caliber and smaller with 5/8-24 threads.
This includes: 6.8 SPC (6.8x43), 308 WIN (7.62x51), 300 BLK (7.62x35), 30 HRT (7.62x41), 7.62x40WT, 7.62x39, 223 REM (5.56x45)

FLBS-1-556 and FLB-1-556 are designed for use with firearms chambered in 7.62mm / .308 caliber and smaller with 1/2-28 threads.

This includes: 223 REM (5.56x45) and 6.8 SPC (6.8x43) DPMS models
100% designed and produced in the USA!

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BRT Covert Comp
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Reviewed by Glock10mmMan on
I did a full review on the Black River Tactical Covert Comp and was pretty impressed.
It projects the noise and blast downrange, cuts rise down pretty good.
Good price on it too.
Reviewed by Kerry on
Have purchased several of the fluted comps and continue to be impressed with the effectiveness, fit and finish.
Have replaced several FSC-030's that were simply too loud....and twice the price. The Covert Comp directs the muzzle blast downrange and is especially useful when shooting from an enclosed blind or at the range with other shooters at your flanks.
The black finish also matches the Melonite coating I prefer on all my barrel builds.
I have tried numerous brands and styles of muzzle devices and this is becoming my favorite.
I recommend it highly on all the uppers I build for clients.
Reviewed by brtadmin on
I have the Black river on my 16" 6.8 and yes it is nice.

It worked very well. It does raise slightly up and left and it does it consistently so it is predictable. I had no problems doing controlled pairs and triples at 25 yards. All the blast is directed away and out and is comfortable to shoot.

It seems to push back also which I like. as it is controlling the muzzle well. also a low profile on the barrel. A very nice device. I think I am going to leave it on my 16"
Reviewed by brtadmin on
I have a battle comp in both 5.56 and 6.8. I have not tried it on my 8.5" as yet, but will be this coming saturday. After the performance of the 5.56 on my A1, I'm hoping it'll work just as well with little blast on the SBR.

That said, I currently have the BRT covert on the SBR now, and I'm damn impressed with it.

I did get out this afternoon and start to try to zero/break in the barrel, but just was rained out.
I'm flat stunned at how minimal the recoil is and how little muzzle jump with the BRT covert comp.
I simply expected, due to hearing others talk, an annoyingly loud bark with the possibility of modest additional recoil, and this felt to me to shoot softer than my 16" midlength 5.56 with FSC556.

I love both the Covert Comp from Black River Tactical, and the Battlecomp. Either is a great choice, depends on the purpose of the rifle. Personally, I can deal with a bit of powder on my arms for the ridiculous quick follow up shots, as this build is strictly for defensive purposes. (and range, maybe a stray coyote as the wander through the property)

For a SBR build that'll see more range time, hunting? Can't go wrong with the BRT comp. Great piece indeed.

Both the Battlecomp and BRT Covert have similar perceived recoil impulse (straight back directly into shoulder), being that both are basically linear comps in design. The main difference between the two that I've noticed so far is muzzle rise and powder/noise. That's the trade off between the two.

What I can say for sure is, the BABC and the BRT Cover on my SBR are much quieter than my FSC556 on my midlength 556. very much so.
Reviewed by brtadmin on
Really well thought out design, and ultra compact..... great product!

I have a shim kit on the way to try out the battle comp on this. In 3 weeks, we'll be doing a side by side with yours, the standard A2 style, and the BC.

I have to say, for a linear comp, I was pleasantly surprised with the minimal muzzle jump for faster follow up shot, which is important on this particular build.
Reviewed by brtadmin on
Black River Tactical's offering is a formidable one.

I shot mine at night on Sunday and everything was reduced...I cant even begin to explain how minimal the flash was and its not even technically designated as a flash suppressor. The signature was about as big as the muzzle device itself and everything was pushed forward.
An outstanding piece.

Oh, the Black River Tactical muzzle device is a wonderful piece as it has a very low no light sig and does exactly as advertised...
I canted the rifle sideways and put it as low to the ground as possible and it DOES NOT kick up and blow around dust and debris really at kind of lifts it up slightly and pushes it away from the shooter and observer(s) so it wont be an issue shooting that rig with people at bad breath distance from you.
Reviewed by GoGalt on
First thing to say is Black River customer service is top notch! They responded to e-mails promptly. After searching
extensively for a muzzle device for my SBR that decreased noise to the shooter AND cut muzzle flash I came across the Covert Comp. Installation was a snap (no clocking needed). I took this to the range and was extremely impressed!
Noise is thrown forward making for a comfortable shoot. I waited until dusk to test out the flash suppression. Firing until almost dark, I did not detect flash in my sight area. (I previously had the Troy claymore attached that was great at
sending the noise downrange but fireballs came out the end of the barrel!) The recoil impulse was normal and straight with the rifle(as expected). Muzzle rise was very minimal. The Covert Comp is the best of both worlds of a linear comp and better flash suppression than the standard A2. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by brtadmin on
Well, here's a review of your Covert Comp, used for a 4-day Practical
Rifle course at Front Sight Nevada.

Nominal round count for this course 540 rounds - actual shot about 730.
I cleaned nothing, including the Comp.

The compensator was attached to the end of a 10 1/2 inch barrel of an AR
pistol chambered for .223/5.56. It did pretty much everything expected
of it.

We had a class of 40 for first two days (so pretty well crowded together
on the firing line) then a dozen students for last two days - had
selection of disparate folks in close proximity either side of me plus
instructors often inches away (representing a fair sampling of the
entire cohort). No one complained about the noise or blast (pressure
wave). Did ask a few at the beginning if they'd been bothered, which
seemed to elicit a quizzical "Bothered about what?" look. My perception
was that the noise and blast effects from my 10 1/2 inch barrel were
noticeably muted compared to the report of the other 16 inch barreled
ARs around me (most folks were running ARs in standard configuration).
No one else appeared to be running an SBR.

The comp did not skew bullet trajectory or otherwise affect accuracy.
Proof of that was 3 hits from five shots on steel shot offhand
(standing) from 400 yards. Two of the three shots hit the center (flap)
plate of the target. Shots were called by and documented by my spotter
who was my instructor (and in fact the range master for this course).

Last day was long with CQB shooting into the twilight hours (or minutes,
I guess it would be?). For the first time in the four days the
blowtorch-like exhaust and flashbulb bright light from the
Comp were visible, prompting the range master to suggest that even if I
didn't shoot the perpetrator, I was sure to set him on fire.

Perhaps unusually for a cheap AR pistol, I had no FTFs - no "inadequate
gas pressure" problems at all, which MAY attest to the Comp's ability to
generate back pressure (speculation on my part of course).

While there are other comps designed to solve the problem of lateral
noise/blast from short rifle barrels, I can't think in what way they
would outperform the Covert Comp (except in looking exceptionally

Finally - Great advantage of the Covert Comp other than that it performs
as advertized, is that it adds no additional weight to the end of the
barrel relative to the standard A2 flash hider, AND that it is priced at
50% or less than the equivalent wares of the competition.

I am going to buy a 7 1/2 in barrel for my AR pistol. I'll certainly
replace the A2 flash hider with the Covert Comp (probably will use the
one I have on the 10 1/2 inch than spring for a second one - I know, I'm
cheap). Will be instructive to see how it performs when confronted with
that challenge.

All in all a splendid effort, chaps. Carry on. :)
Reviewed by David on
I have three covert comps, 2 in 30 cal and 1 in 5.56. These are the best designed and produced linear comps available on the market today. I will be purchasing another in 5.56 very soon. Love the Melonite finish, it is the only barrel finish I use!
Reviewed by JIM RAMIREZ on
Bought you fluted covert comp. for my Remington 16.5 barreled 300 blackout
Like the way it re-directs the muzzle blast away from my already bad ears.
Now all I need is one for my 6.5 Grendel with 9/16x24 threads.
Will that be offered in the future, or is it already offered and I'm just not noticing?
Reviewed by Tim R on
I look forward to using your products on my rifles.
Thank you for providing 100% American made quality products.
God Bless America!
Reviewed by Steve on
I have a 16" PSA PA10 that is outfitted with a USO 1-8SRC that I built up as a hunting rifle. After trying 3 different muzzle brakes I realized the concussion and flash would be highly counterproductive for my application. I had resigned myself to the notion that a thread protector was the route I would have to go just prior to finding the Covert Comp.
The price was relatively cheap and the small size is awesome, so I ordered the first time it was in stock after I found it.
Upon receipt of the comp, I got it screwed on and took it out-all I can say is "WOW"!!! The comp gives me a direct recoil impulse, the flash suppression is quite good, and there is almos no annoying concussion to the shooter. All this in a compbarely larger than an A2 flash hider-what's not to like?!
Very well thought out design, thank you BRT for making this available, and I'd recommend anyone that hunts with a 308 AR to do yourself a favor and try one of the BRT Covert Comps!
Reviewed by K.A. on
I'm VERY happy with the muzzle device I got from you! It definitely tames the 10.5" .223 muzzle blast, and is quieter than my 16" barreled rifles that have the Ares Armor "Effin-A" comp on them!
I was at an outdoor range and tested the pistol on a short-range course with other shooters nearby, and nobody complained that the noise was too loud, even after I asked some of my friends who were there.
Also, I find that the recoil and "up-and-to-the-right" movement that I always fight on other rifles seems somewhat reduced by your Covert Comp. Nice job.
Now I can't wait to try it out with a suppressor!
Reviewed by Andy on
I have been using the 5.56 mm fluted Covert Comp on a 20" barreled rifle for about 9 months.
The build and finish quality are top notch, and the size and clean look compliments my rifle nicely.
I purchased the comp to reduce blast/concussion to by-standers and reflected from the roof at the range. Both are reduced with the Covert comp.
Reading reviews for other linear comps on the internet left me with some concern the comp may degrade accuracy. My concern is unfounded, the rifle repeatedly prints sub-MOA 5 shot groups with the comp installed.
I have always received prompt and helpful customer service from Black River Tactical, and plan to buy a second comp for a 16" .556 upper.
Reviewed by Shawn on
First, let me explain why I'm giving this device 4 stars instead of 5: I think having a dedicated .223 version (not a .308 with a 1/2x28 insert) would enhance recoil control and further reduce concussion. That being said, I really do like these covert comps.
While not as effective as side port muzzle brakes, there is a noticeable reduction in recoil & muzzle rise over Vortex style flash hiders.
To the user, flash suppression is on a par with the Vortex, ie: not noticeable or distracting. Watching a friend shoot the rifle, I would say flash signature is on a par with a .22LR handgun.
Concussion is tolerable, even when standing a couple feet off to the side watching the rifle being shot. I think because the ports are set back into the device, they work better than similar ones with the ports at the end of the device. If you had to use your rifle in an emergency situation without ear protection, I think your ears would fair better with a covert comp than any other brake or flash hider (maybe the "flaming pig", but that weighs 8+ oz!). It does kick up dust when firing prone, but the plume is a few feet in front of the muzzle & more linear, instead of a big cloud all around the shooter.
These covert comps perform a lot tasks reasonably well, and would be excellent for about 90% of what people use an AR for. They're well made & competitively priced. They're easy to install - no timing or crush washers needed.
Despite its obnoxious muzzle blast & deafening noise, I will be keeping the Miculek brake on my 3-Gun AR. It gets used outside in daylight & I always wear hearing protection. However, my 20" rifle I use for hog hunting & my defensive carbine both wear covert comps.
Reviewed by Andre on
Fantastic linear comp, it looks great and weighs nothing. I can use my AR at an indoor range without bothering anyone. I also extended my last session to 2 hours since it's pleasant to use, unlike the headache inducing brake I tried previously. I'm definitely buying another once I figure out what I'm going to do with my spare receiver.

Really glad I put in the time to research and find this. Incredible customer service and shipping times too.
Reviewed by Brad on
After running the KX-3 and KX-5 on my SBRs, and experiencing POI shifts, both random and after cleaning the Noveske comps, I now am running BRT Comps on a 11.5" 5.56, an 8" 5.56, and a 10.5" 5.56. These are now my primary compensators for all my ARs, and all my AR builds for others.

Solid recoil impulse management, no blast at my wingman during CQB, reduced noise is a plus on the flat range. Yes, the blast from a SBR is significant to the front, as you would expect from a linear comp. Yes, it does impact NVG operations to a degree.

The BRT comps perform exactly as advertised, at a magnificent price point. I will run these on all my ARs. No comparison at this price point.
Reviewed by Steve G on
Installed one on my 6.5" Olympic Arm AR pistol, was amazed at what it did for the noise and rise. Very impressed, great deal for the money. Will be getting one for my 9mm AR pistol when I have one.
Reviewed by brtadmin on
Installed one on my 6.5" Olympic Arm AR pistol, was amazed at what it did for the noise and rise. Very impressed, great deal for the money. Will be getting one for my 9mm AR pistol when I have one.
Reviewed by John Westphal on
Got a chance to shoot my 9” 300bo with my new covert comp today at the indoor range. I will say I am very impressed. Little to no muzzle flash even with the lights turned way down. My buddy in the stall next to me was shooting his 300bo with a 10.5” barrel and an A2 flash hider and I had about the same flash as he did. I had him shoot mine just so I could take a video because I wasn’t sure I was missing the flash from behind my own gun. And noticeable difference in perceived noise on the line.

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